Saturday, 16 February 2013


Today I began the incredibly painful process of packing all of my gear and food.  I needed to pack twice, since I need to know how everything will be packed when I'm hiking, but everything will be in a duffel bag while I'm flying.  I was a little disappointed that my weight ended up being 38 lbs (including food), though I'll be able to shave a lot off once I can get rid of some of my winter gear.  There have already been quite a few casualties with my gear, though it has been more in the name of saving weight than saving space.

I am pretty sure I have way too much stuff, and as usual I think I packed too much food.  I guess I save a bit of weight by having almost no muscles (muscles weigh more than fat).

I spent a considerable amount of time figuring out where to put things, though I'm fairly certain that I'll forget where everything is (I'm not looking forward to spending 20 minutes looking for my duct tape).  If I can save a little bit more space I'll be pretty happy (I can barely close my pack right now).  Still, I'm sure lots of people have started their thru-hikes with more weight than me, so hopefully it'll work out.

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  1. That bottom picture looks like Justin's midnight snack.

    Good luck on your hike Trevor! I'm excited about your blog, great idea!

    My sister Steph wishes you good luck too, she's totally envious.